Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekly Show Results: Loudoun Benefit Horse Show

Good morning!

Here are the weekly show results from the Loudoun Benefit Horse Show held in Uppeville, Virginia.

-Classic and Mary Lisa Leffler were the Performance Hunter Reserve Champion

-Pirouette and Mary Lisa Leffler were Green 3' Champions and Grand Green Champions
-Summerlin and Ashley Foster were A/O 3'3" Younger Reserve Champions and were 2nd in the Jr/AO 3'3" Classic
Summerlin and Ashley Foster

-Classic and Dorli Burke were A/O 3'3" Older Reserve Champions
Classic and Dorli Burke

-Headlines and Cate Black were Champion in the Older Children's Hunter and were 6th in the Children's Hunter Classic
Headlines and Cate Black

-London and Mary Lisa Leffler were USHJA 2'6" Reserve Champion

-Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel were High Children's Jumper Reserve Champs and were 11th in the High C/A Jumper Classic
Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel
-Penn and Emmy Middleton were 4th in the Low C/A Jumper Classic

-Prince Royal and Katri Hunter were 4th in the High C/A Jumper Classic

-Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler were 12th in the $25,000 Grand Prix

-Axtrex and Addie Jabin were 7th in the Adult Hunter Classic

Special thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for providing us with the beautiful photos!

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