Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Show Results!!

Finally, the show results are in and Rolling Acres riders did very well as usual.

Robin Feldman riding On My Honor were Adult Maiden Equitation Champions with a clean sweep.

Mary Lisa Leffler riding Sienna were Training Hunter Reseve Champions.

Charlotte Williams and Frontman were Older Adult Amateur Reseve Champions and were 7th in the Adult Hunter Classic.

Alyson Gurney riding The Golden Compass were Modified Junior Hunter and Older Large Junior Hunter Champions! They also were 2nd in the Large Jr Hunter Classic. Riding Nikita, Alyson was 4th in Childrens Jumper Classic.

Brianna Sims competing Quintana 26  finished 10th in the Small Junior Hunter Classic!.

Emmy Middleton and Delphine placed 10th in the Childrens Hunter Classic.

Mary Lisa Leffler competing Zivago placed 10th in the Devoucoux Hunter Prix and 11th in the HITS derby.

Michael Hughes and Indy were 5th in the Junior Jumper Low Classic.

Devon Monroe riding Quastor Van De Helle Z were 10th in the Junior Jumper Classic Low division.

Devon and Drake also ribboned in the Low Junior Jumper division.

Andrea and Kiana also had top ribbons in the jumpers.

Kevin Foster rode very well and won ribbons on Quincy.

Way to go everyone! Great job!

Frontman and Charlotte Williams

Quintana 26 and Briana Sims

Zivago and Mary Lisa Leffler

The Golden Compass and Alyson Gurney

All photos thanks to the wonderful Sheryl Sutherby! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

How cool is this!

It's Monday again!

The show results website was down overnight, so results will have to wait until tomorrow!

So today, we want to show off our very own, Katie Kranking, who is currently in New York walking the runways.  Pretty cool!

Also, check out these neat photos of Marylisa riding Carlot taken by Sheryl:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rolling Acres Snow Photos & Video

Hi everyone!!

It's safe to say after all the snow last week, we officially will be happy if we don't ever see snow again!! Rolling Acres and all the horses made it through, but it was a white mess! Now we get to deal with 50-degree temperatures later this week which will bring my second favorite thing behind snow...MUD. Yuck.  Hopefully, this was the last snow storm of the winter. Here are some photos taken by one of our customers Caroline Maffry of the farm during the snow.  Thanks for the photos Caroline!

And here's a video too!

The Rolling Acres show group had the week off this past week, however, Ashley Foster got to compete for Auburn and Kimmy Saul got to ride for her school, Texas A & M, in the meet. Both girls rode wonderfully for their schools, and Auburn even won!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 1 Results: HITS Ocala Winter Circuit!!

Good afternoon everyone!!

Although this past week Ocala experienced nothing short of a small monsoon, the Rolling Acres team was able to ride during week one of the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit! Everyone did very well and we are proud of them! Here are some of the highlights from the week:

The Golden Compass and Alyson Gurney were Reserve Champ in Modified Junior Hunters division.

Mary Lisa Leffler riding Sienna were Reserve Champ in Training Hunters.

Devon Monroe competing Quastor Van De Helle Z  finished 6th in the Low Junior Jumper Classic.

Bernadette Coyle rode Lorca De Caryan and the pair finished 2nd in the Children's Hunter Classic.

Emmy Middleton riding Delphine placed 4th in the Childrens Hunter Classic.

Kiana Fiore competing Zivago were 6th in the Childrens Hunter Classic.

Denise Clolery riding Sam Adams won the Adult Novice Equitation class.

And last but not least, Kimmy Saul riding Ufonia P. were 4th in the Adult Equitation.

Nikita and Alyson Gurney

Quastor Van De Helle Z and Devon Monroe

Quintessential and Kevin Foster

Sam Adams and Denise Clolery

Whiskey Blue and Ashley Foster

Photos & highlights thanks to Sheryl Sutherby!! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

BIG Congrats to our very own Pam Saul!!

Good morning everyone!

We would like to send out congratulations to Pam, who was appointed to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Equine Commodity Advisory Committee.  This means that she will be addressing equine issues on the national-level for our industry. How awesome is that?! We couldn't be more proud to have Pam representing the equine industry!

Here are some issues that Pam has already considered:
 1) the issue of needing a CDL license when driving a truck and horse trailer
 2) getting horses put into the Federal definition of agriculture beyond just breeding
3) the impact of the Nutrient Management regulations on our industry.

Pam wants everyone to know that any other issue within Maryland or surrounding states that people would like to be considered, just give her a call or contact her at Rolling Acres.

Way to go Pam!! :)