Wednesday, December 6, 2017

RASS Has Openings For Active Competitors!

Attention Hunter/Jumper Riders!!

Want to take your competitive edge to the next level? Looking for a new place for your horses? Come join us at Rolling Acres Show Stables, located in Brookeville, Maryland. Train and show with one of the top H/J barns on the East Coast. RASS has a few select opening's for active competitors at our home base in Maryland. Coaching riders from Short Stirrup to Grand Prix! Attending Rated Shows from Vermont to Florida each year.

Contact us today to find out why our riders have been big winners in 2017.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

No show results this week!

Good morning,

We don't have any weekly show results to share with you this week, but we hope that you all had wonderful Thanksgiving holidays with your family and friends! The team heads to Ocala, Florida shortly so stay tuned for more details as that gets closer. As you know it takes a village!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekly Show Results: Raleigh & Mid-Atlantic Eq Festival

Good morning,

We have a lot of show results to share with you today!

From Raleigh:
-Carlot and Mary McDaniel were 6th in the Junior Hunter Classic
-Incognito and Kirsten Pollin were 6th in the A/O Hunter Classic
-Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler won the $10,000 Welcome Stake and were 5th in the $50,000 Duke Grand Prix
Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler
-Deliante M and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the $10,000 Welcome Stake and 11th in the $50,000 Duke Grand Prix
-Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel were 4th in the NAL Children's Jumper Classic

Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel
-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 7th in the the NAL Adult Jumper Classic
-Indy and Dawn Vileno were 8th in the NAL Adult Jumper Classic

And from the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival:
-Sienna and Elle Hogan were Intermediate Equitation Champions, were 5th in the Int Equitation Championship class, and 8th in the THIS Medal
-Budapest and Katie Kranking were 3rd in the Adult Equitation Championship
-FTR Sense and Chloe Pacyna were 5th in the Adult Equitation Championship, 5th in the Ariat Medal, and 3rd in the Dover Medal
-Lariat and Lauren Dugan were 3rd in the Novice Equitation Championship
-Clean Slate and Kayla Mahmood won the Pony Equitation Championship, and was 3rd in the Pony Medal
-Quidam de Reve and Katie Schuler were 3rd in the Low C/A Championship
-Pas de Chat and Julie Bigham won the M&S Adult Medal and High Point Thoroughbred

Pas de Chat and Julie Bigham
-Quintessential and Margot Sanger-Katz were 4th in the Dover Adult Medal

Great job everyone! Thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for the photos.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Weekly Show Results: Duke Horse Show

Here are the weekly show results from the Duke Horse Show in Raleigh, North Carolina:

-Black Friday and Mary Lisa Leffler were 1.10 meter Jumper Reserve Champions
-Allison Bergmeyer were 5th in the Ariat Adult Medal
-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 4th in the NAL Adult Jumper Classic
-Daliante M and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the Open Welcome Stake

Daliante M and Mary Lisa Leffler

-Bling Bling and Mary Lisa Leffler were 5th in the Open Welcome Stake
-Pura Vida and Lily Pollin were 7th in the NAL Children's Hunter Classic

Pura Vida and Lily Pollin
-Frontman and Charlotte Williams were 4th in the NAL Adult Hunter Classic

Frontman and Charlotte Williams

Great riding all! Thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the photos!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Goshen Opening Hunt Down the Road

Good afternoon everyone!

We don't have show results for you today, but we do have some beautiful photos taken by Sheryl Sutherby of the Goshen Hunt. They came and had their opening hunt at a neighboring farm down the road on Saturday. Enjoy!

The Team is headed out today as a travel day to North Carolina for two weeks.  Duke “Jump For the Children” AA is this week, then followed by a second Duke show the next week. Also coming up is Mid Atlantic Eq. on Nov. 17-19th. Stay tuned for those results as we get them! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekly Show Results: Washington & RASS Halloween

Here are results from the Washington International Horse Show:

-Incognito and Kirsten Pollin were A/O 3'6" 35 & Older Reserve Champions

Incognito and Kirsten Pollin
-Quintessential and Kevin Foster were 10th in the WIHS Adult Hunter Championship
Quintessential and Kevin Foster
-Quiloa and Emily Leins were 9th in the WIHS Children's Jumper Championship
Quiloa and Emily Leins
-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 2nd in the WIHS Adult Jumper Championship
Black Friday and Alyson Gurney

-Nashville and Hannah Showell were 7th in the WIHS Adult Jumper Championship

Nashville and Hannah Showell

And here are results from our barn Halloween Party:

-Most original costume...Katie Kranking and Penn, Addie Jabin and Paul, Caroline Maffrey and Parker
Katie Kranking and Penn
-Scariest costume...Connie McRill and Moby
Connie McRill and Moby
-Funniest costume...Charlotte Williams and Ernie, Dana Nifosi and Nelson, Kori Pickett and Bup

Charlotte Williams and Ernie.
-Overall best costume...Mekenna Scott and JJ, Lily Pollin and Vida, Peyton Scott and Ty, Mary Kate Hogan and Simba, Kayla Mahmood and Slater
Mekenna Scott and JJ
-Most Creative costume...Elle Hogan and Sienna, Anton Cass and Guiness, Amanda Brightman and Blix
Elle Hogan and Sienna

Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekly Show Results: Harrisburg & WIHS Regional Show

Good morning!

Here are results from Harrisburg (Pennsylvania National):

-Charming and Dorli Burke were Res. Champions in the A/O Hunter Older Hunters
-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 7th in the NAL Adult Jumper Finals
-Prince Royal and Courtney Logan were 8th in the NAL Adult Jumper Finals

And from the WIHS Regional Show:

-Woodland's Later Gator and Sam Yagoda were Short Stirrup Equitation Champions
-Indy and Dawn Villeno were Adult Jumper Champions
-Ella and Margot Sanger-Katz were Zone 3 Low Adult Jumper Champions

The team is heading to Washington DC for the Washington International Horse Show next! Stay tuned for those results!

Remember this Tuesday is the Buck Breast Cancer at Washington International.  Here’s the website in case you want to get your tickets online.