Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Weekly Show Results: Lexington Spring Premiere!

Good morning! Here are results from the Lexington Spring Premiere in Lexington, Virginia:

-Clean Slate and Caitlyn Hill were Large Children's Pony Champions
Clean Slate and Caitlyn  Hill

-Echo Blue and Dawn Vileno were 7th in the Low Adult Jumper Classic

-Makadi and Lily Pollin were 5th in the High Children's Jumper Classic

-Duroso and Mary Kate Hogan were 6th in the High Children's Jumper Classic

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney won the High Adult Jumper Classic
Black Friday and Alyson Gurney

-Super 10 and Dawn Vileno were 4th in the High Adult Jumper Classic

-Luminous and Ashley Foster were 7th in the Med Junior/Am Jumper Classic

-Capiche and Lola Schumpert were 3rd in the Pony Hunter Classic
Capiche and Lola Schumpert

-Enrique and Lily Pollin were 10th in the Junior Hunter Classic

-Sienna and Reagan Williams were 8th in the Children's Hunter Classic

-Capella and Ashley Foster were 8th in the Welcome Stake and 5th in the Rockbridge Grand Prix

Way to go everyone! Thank you as always to Sheryl Sutherby for keeping the results organized and taking beautiful photos!

Monday, April 15, 2019

No Show Results This Week. Happy Easter!

We don't have any competition results to share with you this week, but wish everyone and their families a Happy Easter!

Photo credit: Sheryl Sutherby

Stay tuned for more results as the spring season continues with the Lexington Spring Premiere April 24-28th! See the rest of the spring schedule here: http://www.rollacresshowstables.com/

Monday, April 1, 2019

Weekly Show Results: Showplace Spring Festival

Here are results from the Showplace Spring Festival in Upper Marlboro, Maryland:

-Echo Blue and Dawn Vileno were Low C/A Jumper Champions

-McGwire and Candace Ourisman were Low/Pre-Adult Hunter Reserve Champions and were 2nd in the Pre-Adult Hunter Classic

-The Politician and Melanie Wright were Champions in the Baby Green Hunters

-Sgt Pepper and Chloe Fagen were 3rd in the Pre Children's Hunter Classic

-Ashley Schoen was 3rd in the MHSA Adult Medal

Congratulations all!! (Sorry, no photos this week.)